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Types of Providers

A health care Provider is most easily defined as a person who helps to identify, treat, and prevent illness. At Grayson Pediatrics, we employ two different kinds of health care providers: Nurse Practitioners, and Physicians (M.D.s).

Nurse Practitioners

A Nurse Practitioner (NP) is a Provider who has completed a Bachelors degree in nursing, then went on to complete a Masters Degree as well. Because individual states have different licensing requirements, a nurse who earns a state license and has completed the required training courses is eligible to apply for national certification through the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.

After completing the education and certification, Nurse Practitioners are able to take histories, examine and treat, prescribe medications, and follow patients long-term. NPs also work closely with the Physicians.

We’re proud to have four wonderful Nurse Practitioners on our team of Providers:

Julie Opeka, CPNP, FAAP

Kristen Peek, CPNP, FAAP

Rebecca Haynes, CPNP, FAAP

Laura Caristi, CPNP

Celeste Davis, CPNP


The second group of Providers at Grayson Pediatrics are M.D.s, otherwise known as Medical Doctors. They complete their pre-medical requirements in college, then go on to attend a medical school for 4 years. Following med school, they serve a residency in the specialty of their choice before going into practice. M.D.s are also required to renew their licensure by taking an exam every 7-10 years.

We’re proud to have two wonderful, board-certified M.D.s on our team of Providers:

Dr. Melissa Magill, MD, FAAP

Dr. Michael Young, MD

We hope this helps you understand a little more about the types of Providers you see at the Grayson Pediatrics office. We’re confident in, and truly proud of, our whole team of health care Providers, and of the top-quality care we offer from everyone.